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How often does JLR brush his teeth, humpback whales mating, matchmaking, and much more!

Charlie's double date, who's the bigger psychopath Krystle or Duji, naked fighting woman, and more!

Spider calls into the show because he believes his cats are trying to kill him. A fire chief is being criticized for what he did to t a racoon outside of the sire station. Charlie is going on a double date. People used to believe there were more male psychopaths than females. Dieter recalls when a stripper he dated followed him to another state. Who is the bigger psychopath Krystle or Duji?
Video of a naked woman fighting others at Venice Beach. Krystle once hit a guy with a tennis racket. IMDB ranked movies Shawshank Redemption has been bumped out of the number one spot. The show gives their top 3 movie picks. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner discusses who we should send into the future to represent our timeline.

Krystle was withholding info from the show, the Autoshow recap, conjugal visits, and much more!

Krystle was withholding some information from the show. A police officer in Chicago is suing the city to change his ethnicity on file. Can you hear that clicking? Natalie Holloway's killer, Joran Vander Sloot, has been engaging in conjugal visits while in prison in Peru. Influencer says, Tyreek Hill, broke her leg after a backyard football game. 90 Day Fiancé's spouse went missing. Jeffrey thinks Ed from 90 Days looks like someone who works at iHeart. Dieter and Jeffrey recap the Auto Show. Is Dieter a true Survivor fan? DJ Khaled didn't want to dirty his sneakers, so his security carried him to the stage.

Duji has a car wash update, a stinky scandal in the dart world, surge pricing, and much more!

Difference between hypochondriacs and Munchhausen syndrome. Body cam footage shows a physical altercation between a drunk police chief and a sergeant at a DWI stop. Rover was telling a congressman about Dieter's theory on the AT&T shutdown. Man is upset that a restaurant will not refund him after he claims he was hospitalized and could not make his reservations. Duji gives an update on her car wash monthly pass. There is a stinky scandal in the world of darts. A fast-food chain is experimenting with surge pricing.

The show learns of an unexpected ER visit, Duji's mom would yell and hit her, and much more!

JLR gives an update on how his mom is doing and tells the show of an unexpected ER trip. An eavesdropping husband made a huge profit on the stock market. Woman whose adult son attacked her calls into the show. Air Force member sets himself on fire in protest. Mother has an extreme way to deal with her daughter, not following the rules when it comes to having her boyfriend in her room. Duji's mom would burst into her room, yell, and hit her. Krystle went to a party over the weekend. Rover was curious how many people have lived and died throughout history.

Did JLR get the final paper for his taxes, two adult film stars plan for spring break, and more!

Dieter is excited by the latest movie trailer for Sasquatch Sunset. The show listens to JLR's radio breaks from broadcasting school. Using the skills you learned from college in your day-to-day life. Duji could not figure out how to mute her team chat. Adult film stars plan on making pornographic videos with 18-year-old partygoers during Spring Break in Mexico. Mother in Canada is upset by a book that was given to her highschooler in sex ed class. A man is being criticized for attempting to give advice to a woman who is a professional golfer. Did JLR get that final paper to file his tax return? What does Dieter know about the major cell phone outage that happened yesterday? Marjorie Taylor Green says women need to stop tempting Christian men.

Krystle is missing something in her life, Rover saw a celebrity in the wild, and much more!

Is Krystle is missing something in her life? Cops were called to a home after a mother was attacked by her 38-year-old son. Mother was arrested for child abuse and neglect due to the work she had her child doing at home. Rover saw Will Smith last night and it reminded him of a quote from Will's memoir. Did the police officer who ran over and killed a pedestrian get charged? A homeowner chased down and shot at a thief after they stole his BBQ pit. Someone complained about an Olympics equestrian rider's attire. Dieter's Conspiracy Corner discusses the death of Russian prisoner, Alexei Navalny.

Jeffrey gets upset over a bet, a homemade glory hole leads to an arrest, frozen embryos, and more!

Charlie doubles down on saying that many people work too hard for nothing in return. Jeffrey won't take a bet on if he doesn't have bed bugs. Is too much protein bad for your heart? A homemade glory hole in Toronto leads to a man's arrest. Wife of a former NFL player made a TikTok video talking about her experience taking her baby on a flight. Alabama Supreme Court rules frozen embryos are children. Watching videos of people eating mass amounts of food. San Fransico appointed a woman, who is not an American citizen, to serve on their Elections Commission. A mother, who's child was killed while subway surfing, is now suing the transit authority over their death.

JLR drove to Gettysburg and back in a day, a prince in East Cleveland scams the Mayor, and more!

One of Jeffrey's family members has been admitted to a healthcare facility. A man in East Cleveland, claiming to be a prince, scammed people out of money. Cybertruck owners are complaining about the exterior of the vehicles rusting. Elon Musk says by 2029 he will get one million people living on Mars. DOJ in Tennessee suing over a law that targets sex workers in who don't disclose they are HIV-positive. Jimmy Kimmel is being sued by George Santos. Man left a 10k tip for his server who shared it amongst her fellow employees. Why does Rover's face look different? JLR drove to Gettysburg for the day. Who went on a date?

Duji wants JLR to take off his pants, teacher caught selling students' art projects, and more!

Republican law makers in Tennessee introduced a bill that would prohibit the sale of cold beer. A teenage employee at a car wash sprays a driver in the face with the power washer. The show talks about their experiences with customers. A Canadian woman was kicked off the flight due to her using the restroom too many times before takeoff. Duji wants Jeffrey to take his pants off and leave them outside the studio. 90-year-old woman let go from her volunteering position after she did not understand the use of pronouns. Contruction worker Rover has a list of jobs he must accomplish at the condo. School art teacher caught selling the students projects.