Throwback: Disney's Failed Harry Potter Land Plans

Photo & Video Credit: YouTube - Yesterworld Entertainment

I recently discovered an absolutely brilliant nostalgic YouTube channel called Yesterworld Entertainment and have been engrossed in their thorough accounts of fascinating failed projects at various theme parks around the globe.

As you probably know, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has been a MASSIVE success for Universal Studios and is now a major draw for visitors at several of their theme parks around the world. However, did you know that Disney had first dibs on incorporating Harry Potter into a major theme park addition? According to Yesterworld, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling met with Disney during the years of Michael Eisner's leadership and attempted to create a plan for a new themed area in Disney's Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, Eisner's team at Disney churned out several subpar ideas that underwhelmed Rowling so much that she packed up and took the Potter rights straight to their competitors over at Universal Studios.

It doesn't stop there though because Rowling actually gave Disney ANOTHER chance to get it right and bring the series' magic into the most magical place on earth. Instead, Disney executive Bob Iger declared Universal's plans to be too far-fetched and cut ties with Rowling... not the best thing to do to one of the most successful authors ever.

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