Woman claims to be in relationship with model airplane

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Photo: Stone RF

Flying is something that many of us enjoy flying (especially taking off and landing), but I just heard about someone who takes their love of planes to a whole different level.

A German woman named Sarah Rodo has been telling various media outlets that her boyfriend is large toy model of a Boeing 737 airline, an object she calls Dicki. Thing is, she wants to marry Dicki but according to the German government, you cannot legally marry a toy plane...or a real plane...or really any inanimate object.

The New York Post quoted Rodo, who revealed "“I love everything about him, but particularly his face, wings and engine — they’re so sexy to me."

  • Quick honest question: where exactly is a plane's face? Should I be picturing something kinda like Thomas The Tank Engine?

By the way, romantic attraction to inanimate objects is known as objectum.

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