Why August 2nd Matters In Rock History

Photo of Bob DYLAN

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It’s August 2nd and here are some reasons why this day matters in rock history:

In 1962, Robert Allen Zimmerman legally became Bob Dylan.

In 2003, Kiss and Aerosmith kicked off their co-headlining tour. 

In 1998, the Beastie Boys started a three-week run at number one on the album chart with Hello Nasty, the group’s third record to top the chart.

In 2010, Arcade Fire released their hit album, The Suburbs, which debuted at number one and went on to win the Grammy for Album of the Year.

In 1975, the Eagleswent to number one on the chart with their song “One of These Nights.”

In 1986, Peter Ceterabegan two weeks on top of the charts with his song “The Glory of Love,” the theme to the film Karate Kid II.

And in 2006, Killers singer Brandon Flowers married Tana Munblowsky in a private ceremony in Hawaii.

And that’s what happened today in rock history.

(H/T This Day in Music)

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