Landlord Lets Family Who Can’t Pay Rent Stay and Gives Them $100

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A father in Ohio lost his job 10 weeks ago and saw his bank balance begin to drop to precariously low levels in the aftermath. The man finally hit a point where there was $0 left in the family checking account and he started fearing the worst when his landlord came to pay him a visit. In a wonderful twist, rather than evict the struggling dad, the landlord (named Ellery Lewis) told him he could stay. Lewis knew that the father had exhausted all other options to keep food on the table for his family, even going without a phone to put the savings toward groceries.

The landlord noted how the family had dutifully paid there rent ontime every single time up until the father lost his job and also said he would work out a payment plan for the family until the father could get back on his feet. But that wasn't all! The landlord also gave the father $100 and told him that he wanted to help out because he knew he would want someone to try to help him if he was in the same situation.

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