Wolf Van Halen Thinks Divide Between Roth, Hagar-Era Fans Is 'Kinda Dumb'

Wolfgang Van Halen isn't picking sides in the unending debate about whether Van Halen is better with David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar.

Wolfgang was born in 1991 during Hagar's tenure with the band, but began performing with his family band after his father Eddie and uncle Alex reunited with Roth in 2007.

The multi-instrumentalist whose long-awaited debut solo album is on the way explained his balanced view of the Van Halen catalog over the weekend in reply to a fan question about the Hagar era via Instagram.

"I'm not a purist. It's all great," Wolfgang said. "The same guy wrote all the music. Kinda dumb not to give it a chance if you like one or the other so much."

Responding later that day via Twitter to a fan asking for his favorite albums from both VH eras, Wolfgang replied that he's partial to Fair Warning and 1984 with Roth and Balance and For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge with Hagar.

Hagar fronted Van Halen from 1985 - 1996, during the band's most successful period in terms of album sales. Since Roth returned, however, Van Halen has been reluctant to perform music from Hagar's era, touring instead on the strength of its first six albums.

Hagar himself remains hopeful for a proper farewell with Van Halen. He's insisted that Roth and bassist Michael Anthony all be involved as well to put behind them whatever bad blood exists.

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