Haim Reveal 'Very Close Family Member' Was Hospitalized With COVID-19

Tastemaker Screening Of "PEN15"

Tastemaker Screening Of "PEN15"

Haim's highly anticipated third album Women in Music Pt. III came out on June 26 after being delayed from its original April release. The sisters cited the coronavirus pandemic as the reason for the push, which was true; however, in a new interview with NME they revealed that it was a little more personal than that.

“We were dealing with a very close family member being in the hospital with COVID, so it was a lot of emotions. We were being so consumed with that: it hits so close to home,” Danielle Haim explained. “That’s when we pushed the album. We were dealing with that, and the album was the last thing on our mind.”

Though she didn't reveal the outcome of their ailing relative, the sisters did end up releasing the album and celebrating with a show at Canter's Deli, albeit with no audience.

“We were always going to end at Canter’s,” Alana Haim confessed. The legendary LA deli was where the siblings played their first show, with then family band Rockinhaim, in 2000. “It was super-fun, and not how I normally see Canter’s. Usually Canter’s is, like, bumping. There’s usually so many people in there!”

With the current state of the world also forcing the sisters to postpone their tour, we might get more Haim music sooner rather than later. “The first thing I said to Danielle when it came out in America at 9pm on Thursday was: ‘Well, I guess we gotta make another record!’” Alana exclaimed.

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