Walmart will screen drive-in movies in some of its store parking lots

Photo: Walmart

Many of us have walked around our local Walmart to cure our boredom at least once in our lives, but would you ever go to see a movie at one?

According to The Hollywood Reporter Walmart partnered with Tribeca Enterprises to bring drive-in movies to 160 store lots across the country. Details on which Walmarts will be participating have not been shared yet. Screenings will tentatively take place between August and October and if you're wondering about the snacks, those will be available to pick up curbside before the movie starts! The only questions I have (aside from the to-be-announced locations and movies being screened) are whether or not they will let you listen to the movie on your car radio and just how enjoyable seeing a movie in a potentially busy parking lot would be. Since most Walmarts are relatively high traffic, it might be a tad annoying seeing drivers constantly parking and leaving while you're trying to watch the movie, but we'll see what their overall plan is once they announce more info!

Walmart will be announcing updates about its drive-in movies here

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