Billie Joe Armstrong Posts Three Songs From New Band


Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong has finally released some music from his side project, The Longshot

After teasing the project for weeks on his personal Instagram account, Armstrong began releasing clips on the project's own profile

On Wednesday, official audio for three songs, "Taxi Driver," "Chasing a Ghost" and the album's title track, "Love Is for Losers."

The music isn't a far cry from that of Green Day. Each song is under 3 minutes and gets to the hook quickly. But The Longshot seems to be going for a more garage band sound than Armstrong's other band.

It's not clear when Love Is for Losers will be released. The project's Instagram bio reads that the record is "coming eventually sooner or later. Probably sooner."

It's also not clear whom the lineup of the band includes or if Armstrong intends to take the band on the road.

A cover band led by Armstrong and Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt, called The Coverups, performed in late-March at a small venue in San Francisco. 

That set reportedly also included Green Day drummer Tre Cool

The fact that a hard-touring band like Green Day still performs together during its off-time would suggest the band is as healthy as ever, and Armstrong's Longshot project won't detract from any of Green Day's activity. 

Hopefully fans get news on what it's all about soon

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