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Alt-J's latest video from their upcoming album This Is All Yours is a lot more fun than the first. 

Last month's clip for "Hunger of the Pine" featured a man being chased through the forest and shot with arrows.  But the new video for "Left Hand Free" matches the single's more upbeat tone.  It's filled with footage of teenagers taking part in cliché summer activities like jumping into swimming holes, shooting fireworks from the back of a pickup truck, and riding bikes and four-wheelers. 

The British indie rockers have been open about the fact that they recorded "Left Hand Free" as a bit of a joke simply to appease their U.S. label.  Now it appears the video may have been made along similar lines. 

Alt-J's This Is All Yours is scheduled to hit shelves on September 23rd. Check out the video for "Hunger of the Pine" below: