There will be no charges against a second New York biker questioned over a weekend road rage battle.  Police say Allen Edwards was held overnight, but is being released.  Fellow biker Christopher Cruz is facing several counts.   Cruz is suspected of slowing down his motorcycle and causing SUV driver Alexian Lien to hit him.  Lien was beaten in front of his family by members of the motorcycle gang, after taking off and running over another biker. 

Family members of 32-year-old Edwin Mieses, the motorcyclist who was run down, are demanding Lien be charged.  Mieses remains hospitalized in a coma with serious injuries. 

Two people called into Jam'n 94.5 to discuss the incident:

Ramiro and the JAM'N Morning Show talk to Carlos...whose friend got hit in the NYC biker incident.

Ramiro and the JAM'N Morning Show talk to the cousin of the injured in the NYC incident.